PFD Retirees

20 year Retired Members

Elton Bandemer                                                  Roger Vergin

Myron Franke                                                       Tim Pinske

Thomas Pinske                                                     Kevin Bandemer

Howard Lemke                                                     Gregg Lemke

Donald Schrader                                                  Gary Koll

Louis Graupmann                                                Rodney Mackenthun

Wendell Schrader                                                Tom Lepel

Robert Trocke                                                       Tim Lepel

Lloyd Graupmann                                               Karl Pinske

Elmer Raduenz                                                   James Stockman

John Schauer                                                      Robert Becker

Jay Wood

Thank You

We would like to extend a special Thank You to  the families of all fire department members both previous and current.